Monday, April 18, 2011

latest ultrasound pic

I haven't updated many pictures lately, since we still don't really have a camera, I haven't been taking any. So, here are the most recent pictures of the kids - they were taken at the family snowmobile trip in February. Thanks Micki for always taking a ton of pictures of my kids, and p.s. you could take a few less of me :) Here is a cute ultrasound picture - I can't believe that one exists! Baby Cale at 29 weeks. He already looks like a Mackley!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Second visit to Primary's

We had our second appointment at Primary's yesterday. It went well. There wasn't really any significantly new news about the baby and his condition, but we were able to ask all of our questions, and get some answers, and then go on a tour of the hospital, and see where we will be staying with our baby. There was even a little boy that we saw that had HLHS, he had been out of surgery for about a day, so he was hooked up to a lot of stuff. It was a little bit hard to see, but it actually helped a lot to see that there were other babies there, with other families that were going through the same thing. After we left, I turned to Carl, and said, "I think maybe I can do this." I think one of the hardest things, but also the most helpful, is having time to process everything, and prepare for whatever will come our way. It is hard to worry and wonder about every little thing, and possibility and outcome that may or may not happen. I am grateful though to know before hand, so that we can be a little bit more prepared for our special little Cale. It feels like at every appointment we have there, we're becoming a little bit more prepared, and we know that we'll just have to take it as it comes, and deal with the issues as they happen. It was so nice to have general conference last week, it felt like so many of the talks were meant for me and our situation. I feel a profound gratitude for temples, and for my temple marriage that seals my family together for eternity! This is such a HUGE blessing for our family especially right now, we know that whatever happens, we can have our baby forever! I also have been so grateful for the priesthood, and for the power that comes through priesthood blessings. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts on behalf of our family, we have felt such love and comfort, and we appreciate it SO much! We will go back to Primary's one more time the beginning of May, and then I will deliver the baby at the U of U around 38 weeks. I will keep everyone posted about any updates as they come.