Thursday, January 29, 2009

Much needed get-a-way

Me and Carl went to the Grey's River, in Wyoming with my family for a fun snowmobile trip. We left the kids at Carl's mom's house, she was nice enough to watch them for 4 days! We've never been away from them that long. I must say, it was nice, but we missed them a lot too. It was a lot of fun. We snowmobiled on Friday and Saturday, then went to church in Etna on Sunday, and some went to see the Tetons. Here's a picture of the Tetons that Carl took. I didn't go, but stayed at the cabin, went in the hot tub for a little bit, played cards, and relaxed. After all, it was a vacation, right? Then we came home on Monday.

Here' the cute cabin where we stayed.

Me and Carl in the loft we shared with Tyler and Afsonai. We didn't get any snowmobiling pictures, we forgot the camera both days, but it was amazing!

This was just last Monday, Carl and Fisher made cookies for our family night treat. Fisher loved it, he was snitching the whole time! Carl was too, in fact.
Here's Fisher's "sad face"

Here's Chachi's "sad face" . . . I think she wins the contest.

Fisher and Ainsley playing in the closet together.

Fisher had pulled his chair up to Chachi's they are getting to be so cute together, I love it when they play. Fisher was making Ainsley laugh today in the car, it was so much better than when he takes things away from her, or knocks her down and makes her cry. I'm sure I've got much more of both coming my way.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Here's Ainsley's pile of Christmas presents. I didn't get one of Fisher, cause he was too busy playing with all of his stuff.

Here is Fisher with his new Cars race track. He also got James the train with tracks, and a Thomas with tracks - he can hardly get dressed, eat, or do anything else but play with his trains. Santa did a great job this year!

We were opening presents from the family.

Fisher and Ainsley coming down the hall to see what Santa brought. We had to wake up the kids and convince Fisher to come out to see what he got.

Grandpa snuggling with Ainsley and Doll. This was after she threw up all over herself and me, and her jacket was the only thing we had to put her in.

Grandpa holding up the angel (Ashton) to the cute little sheperds (Fisher and Cameron).

Chachi looks so much like Carl in this picture - it's a little scary. They even have the same double chin!

This was Ainsley when she first came out Christmas morning. She opened her presents from the family before Fisher was even out of his room.

What a cute little sheperd boy. He kept the towel on his head quite well, I was surprised!

Overall, we had a great Christmas! It was so fun to spend time with family, we loved every minute of it. It was an amazing blessing also that none of us got sick over the holidays (except for Chachi's random throw-up on Christmas eve). We are very excited for a new year at our house, and a few new changes in our family. We hope that we will enjoy this year as much as the last one!