Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo Tag

I have been tagged. If you are reading this, you have been tagged as well. It's actually quite fun to go around your house and take random pictures - just do it.

Kristine, I am only doing this for you because I know how horrible those last few pregnant days can be. I hope you have that boy soon! Can't wait to see him. This should make you feel pretty good about your house. Here it goes:

1. Picture of my shoes/closet.

2. Dirtiest part of my house I keep putting off cleaning.

I can't WAIT to get a dishwasher!

3. What my child (or children) is/are doing while I'm posting this.

Aren't they sweet?

4. Best decorated part of your house right now.

Fisher loves magnets, too bad he doesn't like to keep them on the fridge.

5. What I would buy right now if I had $100 to spend on me.

This is a mommy cover - don't you just love nursing in public?

6. What I would buy my husband if I had $100 to spend just on him (or one of your children or your dog) and he/they would wear or use posted item.

his is just an elk decoy - not a real elk. He wants one to go archery hunting with? I don't get it either.

7. New years Resolution.

Try and loose my mama pouch, or in other words; to excersize 5 days a week, and not eat past 8:00 - that's when yummy treats taste the best!

I have to say, I am doing pretty good - at least for a few more weeks, right?
Also, I'm trying to be better at sending birthday cards - sorry everyone who has a birthday past May.

8. Favorite Activity this or last week.

We went swimming at the Bountiful Rec center, it was SO much fun. I didn't get any pictures, cause we forgot our camera. I'm sure I could get some from Micki or Lexi though.

We went bowling on Martin Luther King day - I feel that it helped me understand civil rights issues a little better. Isn't this a great pic? I wish I could have lived in the 60's.

9. Photo of the inside of your fridge.

Gross - I really do have spilled Jell-o in there. Definitely time to clean it out!

10. Favorite movie you've seen in the last six months.

We've been watching the first season - it's really good.

I haven't seen this yet, but I want to - it looks cheesy, I love those kind.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ainsley's Blessing Day

Thank you to everyone who came to Ainsley's blessing. It's amazing how many people love her so much already! It was so much fun, I was so glad that the weather held out at least a little bit, until we were done. Well, here are some cute pictures from her blessing day. We missed those who couldn't make it, but love you just the same.

Here is a picture of Fisher, he fell asleep in Ainsley's swing. He likes to swing in there sometimes, and I guess it made him sleepy - it really was the cutest thing!

Here are my two boys doing the dishes - I train them early! Fisher loves playing in the water!

I took Fisher and Ainsley to the doctor yesterday for their 2 month and 18 month appointments. It was pretty nuts. I had 2 screaming babies for a little bit after they both had to get three shots - fun times. They are both doing very good. Ainsley weighs just over 11 lbs. and is only 21.8 inches long - she's a shortie, but we'll keep her. Fisher is about average weight and height, but he's 70th percentile in head size - it's cause everyone keeps telling him how cute he is.